Dumpster Rental or Junk Removal? Determining the Right Choice for You


dumpster rental or junk removalIf you’ve got a big home improvement or estate clean-out in the works, then you’ve probably been Googling around to try to find out what to do with all of the waste that you’re bound to generate. And, if you are anything like the usual home owner, you’ve probably come across two primary options:

You can rent a dumpster.


You can hire junk removal.

If you aren’t quite sure what the difference is between these two options, then this is the article for you. We’ll cover the basics of junk removal and dumpster rental to help you determine which is best to meet the needs of your job.


What is Dumpster Rental? What is Junk Removal?

First, we’ll provide a quick and simple definition of each service to give you a broad overview of what you can expect from each.

Dumpster Rental is when you pay a company to drop off a large dumpster, usually anywhere from 10 to 40 cubic yards in size, directly on your lawn, driveway, or curb. You are responsible for filling the dumpster up, and the rental company will come haul away your trash when you are done.

Junk Removal involves paying a team of movers to come to your location, remove your debris, and haul it away. You aren’t responsible for lifting a finger. The removers will carry your washer up from the basement, lower all the boxes from your attic, or empty your living room of the old furniture.

Services Provided

In this section, we’ll review the basic differences between what you can expect from the type of service you’ll be receiving based on the option you choose. In addition, we’ll talk about the types of jobs that might merit one type of service over the other.

Dumpster Rental

When you rent a dumpster, you’ll be the one responsible for loading all of your waste into the bin. The dumpster provider is simply responsible for dropping off and picking up your roll-off waste container. Furthermore, you’ll be expected to only place certain types of materials in the bin, but your rental company will likely provide you with plenty of guidelines to make this simple. For example, at the time of rental, they’ll be sure to let you know any restrictions related to yard waste, hazardous materials, or construction debris.

While it might seem like renting a dumpster leaves you with a lot of responsibility, it is still an ideal choice for long term jobs. If you are going to be remodeling your bathroom over a number of weeks, or spending all month cleaning out your grandmother’s estate, then having a dumpster staged in your driveway ensures that you’ve always got a place to dump your waste no matter when you are getting the work done.

Junk Removaljunk removal or dumpster rental

When you hire a junk removal crew, a team of movers will come to your location and haul away whatever you direct them to. Typically, they can take yard waste, construction trash, regular debris, old furniture, and appliances – but they can’t take hazardous materials. They obviously won’t do any of the construction or break down for you. So, you’ll have to be the one to knock down that wall in your house. The junk removers will just take away the debris for you.

Junk removal services are handy for short term or small jobs. If you are re-tiling your kitchen and manage to get the old flooring pulled up in a single day, you could just call up some junk haulers and have them take the waste straight from inside your house. If you are going to take multiple days and don’t want to find somewhere to store the junk for the time in between, a dumpster is probably a better choice for you.

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The bottom line is often the most important question for every home owner, though unfortunately, the answers aren’t always straightforward. In this case, your cost comparison comes down to the length and size of your job.

Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster can cost anywhere from $250 – $800 dollars, with larger dumpsters costing more. In addition, most companies will charge you for each load, so you are better off, for example, renting a single 20-yard dumpster than renting a 10-yard dumpster that you have to have emptied twice.

Junk Removal

Junk haulers costs range from $50 – $350 dollars per load, approximately. Junk Removal is often the more affordable option for small loads, but it could easily add up if you underestimate the size of your job.

Your Final Decision

The table below summarizes some of the most important information laid out in this article to help you make your final decision on what type of service you need.

Dumpster Rental Junk Removal
  • Job length: days to months
  • Job size: big jobs
  • Cost: approx. $250 – $800 per load
  • Service: You do all the heavy lifting
  • Job length: 1 day
  • Job size: small, single load jobs
  • Cost: approx $50 – $350 per load
  • Service: You don’t lift a finger

Hopefully, you’ve got the information you need to choose between dumpster rental or junk removal. If you think that your job is a good fit for renting a dumpster, we hope that we can be your solution for dumpster rental in Nashville.

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  1. It’s interesting to read about the differences between hiring junk removal and simply renting a dumpster. I’ve always categorized these things as the same but it makes sense that they’d be different and helpful for different situations. I think that for my project, renting a dumpster would be the best option because I need somewhere to store the materials as I pull them out of the house at my own pace.

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